Author: Gopal jha

Irresponsible MP

I bemoan the recent statement made by Chandigarh MP kirron kher on #ChandigarhRapecase in which she said “Victim should not have boarded autorickshaw when three men were already inside”. Being an MP (representative of people in parliament) and making this kind of panchayati statement is strictly condemnable.Instead of strengthening law and order in city,she backed herself by suggesting just the education of boys & behavior of father towards mother in a family.She also narrated her own experience of her earlier days of Mumbai when she used to ask someone to note down the taxi number travelling somewhere,she intended the same type of measure’s taken by girls even after 40 years of her experience, in one of the smart cities of India.
Prime minister Narendra Modi in his inaugural address of Global Entrepreneurship summit in Hyderabad asserted the rich feminine history of India and the other side such an irresponsible comment by an MP who says there isn’t any need of women commission until she’s there.This shows the deep-rooted patriarchal notions where women needs to take steps to protect herself from not getting raped.
From ancient times, Indian society has been known for it’s patriarchy,which is only condemned occasionally by our leaders.This is high time we should strictly aware our society towards an equitable society because making a feminist society would lead us again to the same trap from which we are struggling to move out.


But “suicide was the last option”

Farmers are the engine of our country’s Growth.From the era of Indus valley civilization,the indian fertile plains has remained a key contributer in development of civilization. From that times the Farmers had occupied an esteemed position in the society and even compared to God(who provides energy through their produce).The lots of sucides and riots in M.P and Maharashtra fragiled me to represent a precarious situations of  our Farmers.

“A total of 12,602 persons involved in farming sector — 8,007 farmers-cultivators and 4,595 agricultural labourers – committed suicide during 2015, accounting for 9.4% of total suicide victims (133,623) in the country,” the Centre said.

topped the list with 4,291 suicides, followed by Karnataka with 1,569, Telangana 1,400, Madhya Pradesh 1,290, Chhattisgarh 954, Andhra Pradesh 916 and Tamil Nadu 606. Together, these seven states accounted for 87.5% of total suicides in the farming sector in the country -11,026 of 12,602.
These are all folly statistics which is not enough to have a deep insight into lives of a widow,fatherless children (a ray of hope).There is about 55% of population directly or indirectly engaged in agricultural activities.I am well sobered to write the plight and his effete.

Indian farmers faced two consecutive drought in a row–only happened 5 times since 1870 and the Minimum Support Prices (MSPs)for major crops have failed to keep pace with the net inflation levels for these respective years.The farm loans have gone up by 55 percent in first 3 yrs of modi government. This has happened due to hastened infusion of JANDHAN,ADHAR,MOBILE(JAM) no doubt it has solved the major problems of financial inclusions but only in urban areas. Rural people has not stopped to take loan from arhatiya who charges a handsome interest.About 44% of rural debt came from informal sources.

Demonetization and ban on cow slaughter sale restrictions disrupted cash flow toward them.The farmers agitations is against induced farm deflation, poverty and their understanding the progress of other communities at their expense.

What is my insensitive inhuman view of suicides? That the suicide of a loved one is one of the most inexplicable and depressing occurrences for any family member, or friend,to experience.That most of us,beyond a certain age, have known a dear one to have committed suicide.

The socio-economic Explanation according to experts,is that nobody wants to be a farmer anymore.why?  

Because it is unremunerative,and relatively hard physical work.The children of farmers aspire for a well paying job.This is universal and natural phenomenon,this is why policy makers should have to be forward looking and prepare the “ground”for this change.

The seed of this mammoth tree has been down by pm Modi during his lok sabha election campaign and later took u turn by citing market distorting and unfeasible in report filed to supreme court in 2015.

The increasing cost of cultivation and low MSPs hike hit the profitability of the farmers hard.In 2010-11,a farmer made 39%profit on paddy.This has fallen to 6.5% and 6.7% in 2015-16 and 2016-17 respectively.

What is that farmers are demanding?

Simply remunerative prices for their farm produce. The best way to handle prices is to get the market right: abolish all the export bans,private stocking limits,better storage facilities,linkage with processing farms,contract farming,development chain like verka,amul etc,financial inclusion.

We hope government should come up with out of the box Initiative to redress their grievances as early as possible.


Awaiting another  exceptional judgement in case of a women who has moved to supreme court asking for porn websites to be blocked. In 2015,court has passed an interim order blocking 857 porn websites.but the order was revoked just after five days. The Giant pornhub is still getting 75 million views per day above 50 percent visits from india only. The major cause being RAPE mishaps is the easy accessibility of porn content to most of the illetrate youths who works in major cities as daily wagers.The circulation of porn content among them is a reliable source of getting them distracted. The imagination of themselves as a protagonist in movies applies in porn videos as well. This imagination provoke themselves to do heinous crime such as RAPE dauntlessly. The paucity of verdicts in these case can’t threten to avoid these mishaps.Recently 300 other sites were blocked.In a written reply In Lok Sabha, the information technology ministry said”most of the child pornographic websites are hosted from outside India”.
We know what is the solution, the ultimate guilty  referred to illiteracy & the lack strong implementation of law and Order.Bollywood can also play a dominant role. We often get a rape scene in movies but we didn’t get any verdict on these Rape. The Bollywood must come up with a movie which portray the darker side of life of Rapist and his sufferings. The threat of afterwards can restrain them from raping to some extent.