Awaiting another  exceptional judgement in case of a women who has moved to supreme court asking for porn websites to be blocked. In 2015,court has passed an interim order blocking 857 porn websites.but the order was revoked just after five days. The Giant pornhub is still getting 75 million views per day above 50 percent visits from india only. The major cause being RAPE mishaps is the easy accessibility of porn content to most of the illetrate youths who works in major cities as daily wagers.The circulation of porn content among them is a reliable source of getting them distracted. The imagination of themselves as a protagonist in movies applies in porn videos as well. This imagination provoke themselves to do heinous crime such as RAPE dauntlessly. The paucity of verdicts in these case can’t threten to avoid these mishaps.Recently 300 other sites were blocked.In a written reply In Lok Sabha, the information technology ministry said”most of the child pornographic websites are hosted from outside India”.
We know what is the solution, the ultimate guilty  referred to illiteracy & the lack strong implementation of law and Order.Bollywood can also play a dominant role. We often get a rape scene in movies but we didn’t get any verdict on these Rape. The Bollywood must come up with a movie which portray the darker side of life of Rapist and his sufferings. The threat of afterwards can restrain them from raping to some extent.

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