The Best way to prepare for Quizzes?

I think I am experienced enough to answer this question.First thing First,your myth should be destroyed that you can prepare for a quiz,just by roting the GK books, magzines, PDFs etc within Let me narrate my incident of inter college quiz competition 2016. I have two other members in my team, we got easily through … Continue reading The Best way to prepare for Quizzes?


Efficient way to Overcome Procastination?

21 out of 24 hours in your life and the lives of people you admire look exactly the same. Everyone procrastinates. Instead of motivating yourself to work entire day (which is humanly impossible), if you can work on most important task for only 3 hours everyday, that would be roughly 1000 hours in a year. … Continue reading Efficient way to Overcome Procastination?

Irresponsible MP

I bemoan the recent statement made by Chandigarh MP kirron kher on #ChandigarhRapecase in which she said "Victim should not have boarded autorickshaw when three men were already inside". Being an MP (representative of people in parliament) and making this kind of panchayati statement is strictly condemnable.Instead of strengthening law and order in city,she backed … Continue reading Irresponsible MP

But “suicide was the last option”

Farmers are the engine of our country's Growth.From the era of Indus valley civilization,the indian fertile plains has remained a key contributer in development of civilization. From that times the Farmers had occupied an esteemed position in the society and even compared to God(who provides energy through their produce).The lots of sucides and riots in … Continue reading But “suicide was the last option”


Awaiting another  exceptional judgement in case of a women who has moved to supreme court asking for porn websites to be blocked. In 2015,court has passed an interim order blocking 857 porn websites.but the order was revoked just after five days. The Giant pornhub is still getting 75 million views per day above 50 percent … Continue reading ORGASM FOR A MOMENT AND PAIN FOREVER.